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Korean Journal of Child Health Nursing 1997;3(1):71-82.
A Survey of Sexual Knowledge, Attitude of adolescents: Junior High School 1 Grades Students in Chun-Nam Area.
Chung Sun Park, You Jeong Han
The purpose of the survey was to identify the degree and the relationship of sexual knowledge, sexual attitude. This information will provide useful data for a more systematic, desirable, and practical sex education. The data was collected from 187 first grade schoolchildren(95 boys and 92 girls) of two Junior high school in Chun-nam area. The data was gathered by questionnaire from Oct. 1 to 15, 1996. The questionnaire was modified by authors using the questionnaire developed by You-Jeong, Han(1996). Data was analyzed by using the statistical computer package, SAS to manipulate the data long with percentages, means, standard deviation, t-test, chi2-test, GLM, and Pearson correlation coeffiency. The results in this study were summarized as follows : 1. Sex related knowledge. - The mean score of sex related knowledges showed significant differences between boys and girls(boys ; 22.3, girls ; 21.0, p<0.025), and in the area of pregnancy & delivery(boy ; 9.4, girls ; 7.9, P<0.000) showed significant difference between boys and girls, but in the area of physical differences of the others sex(boys ; 12.9, girls ; 13.1, p<0.551) showed no significant difference between boys and girls. 2. Sex related attitudes. - The mean score of sex related attitudes showed significant difference between boys and girls(boys ; 56.7, girls : 60.5, p<0.002) and in the area of psychological difference the other sex(boys : 28.9, girls : 32.5, p<0.000), but in the areas of form of friendship with the other sex(boys : 11.5, girls : 11.2, p<0.335), sexual delinquency & its prevention(boys : 16.3, girls : 16.9, p<0.171) showed no significant difference between boys and girls. 3. The relationships between sex related knowledges and sex related attitudes. - Those who had higher sex related knowledges showed more positive attitudes towards sex, and showed no statistical significance(r=0.08, p<0.286). 4. Differences of the sex related knowledges according to general characteristics. - The students had disease experience, health interest and more school performance had higher knowledge scores about sex. 5. Differences of the sex related attitudes according to general characteristics. - Those who were in high school performance had higher attitude scores about sex as well.. From the result of the study, it is recommended to develop systematic sex education through formal school education according to age.
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