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Nurses' Knowledge and Attitude to Pain Management in Children.
Hee Sun Shin, Dong Hee Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2003;9(2):140-148.
A Study on the Comparison of Psychosocial Adjustment of Children with Cancer between on and off Treatment.
Mi Kyung Sim, Sun Young Son
Child Health Nurs Res. 2003;9(1):85-95.
Perceived Social Support as a Predictor on Adaptation of Family Who has a Child with Pediatric Cancer.
Young Ran Tak, E Hwa Yun, Young Shin Chon, Ji Yeon An
Child Health Nurs Res. 2003;9(1):9-17.
The Parent-Child Relationship in Traditional Korean Society Described in Korean Classic Novels.
Eun Sook Park, Eun Kyung Kim, Jung Wan Won, Won Oak Oh, Min Hyun Suk, Yeo Jin Im
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(4):469-481.
An Analysis of the Concepts in Child Health Nursing Studies in Korea(1): from 1990 to 2000.
Kyung Ja Han, Hyun Ah Kim, Sook Young Kim, Jeong Soo Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(4):449-457.
A Study on the Occurrences and Preventive Strategies of Accident in Children.
Jeong Yi Bae
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(4):435-448.
Development and Evaluation of Injury Prevention Education Proposal for Elementary School Children.
Jung Eun Lee, Ji Hyun Kim, Shin Jeong Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(4):365-380.
Status of Use and Evaluation of Materials of Sexual Education for Child and Adolescent in Schools, Korea.
Geum Hee Jeong, Soon Ok Yang, Sung Hee Baik
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(3):313-321.
Compare Study of Nursing Research in Korea and Other Country on Pain in Children.
Hea Bong Yoon
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(2):229-243.
Nursing Need and Satisfaction of Families with their Hospitalized Children.
Ji Young Seo
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(2):195-203.
Factors Related to Vision Disturbances in the Elementary School-Age Children.
Hee Sun Shin, Jin Joo Oh
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(2):164-173.
Development of Nursing Intervention Protocol for Childhood Cancer at Early Diagnosis Stage.
Ja Yun Choi, Il Young Yoo
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(1):44-54.
Elementary School Children's Lifestyle.
Shin Jeong Kim, Jeong Eun Lee, Hae Young Ahn, Sung Sook Baek, Hyo Young Yun, Sun Young Jeong, Young Og Harm
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(1):32-43.
Therapeutic Play Need and the Nurses's Therapeutic Play Performances Perceived by Hospitalized Children's Mothers.
Won Oak Oh
Child Health Nurs Res. 2002;8(1):5-19.
Effects of Family Value on Family Adaptation in Family Who has a Child with Cancer.
In Sook Park, Young Ran Tak, Jung Aee Lee
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(4):494-510.
The Lived Experience of Mothers about Rearing of School Children With Cerebral palsy.
Kyoung Seon Baek
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(4):434-450.
Analysis on Family Value of the Family with Cancer Children.
In Sook Park, Dal Sook Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(3):322-341.
Effects of Behavior Modification on Physical Variables, Habit and Self-esteem in Obese Elementary School Children.
Hyo Shin Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(3):308-321.
Analysis of Telephone Counseling Service on Child Health.
Ji Ho Song, Kyung Ja Han, Ka Sil Oh, Kyoul Ja Cho, Ja Hyung Lee, Eun Sook Park, Kap Chul Cho, Young Nan Tak, Young Mee Ahn
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(2):245-257.
Relationships of Family Value, Vamily Hardiness and Hamily Adaptation in Family who has a Child with Cancer.
In Sook Park
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(2):179-190.
The Study on the Development and Effectiveness of Parent Role Education Program I: Focusing on the six-months results.
Kyung Ja Han, Mi Kyung Kwon, Kyung Sook Bang, Jung Soo Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(1):96-107.
The Hope, Burden, and Family Function in Mothers of Children with Cancer.
Ho Ran Park, Sun Nam Park, Kyang Hee Jung, Hae Ja Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(1):51-61.
Effects of Maternal Role Education Program on the Mother-Infant Interaction and Infant Development.
Kyung Sook Bang
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(1):21-34.
Analysis of Needs for Sexual Education in Primary School Children.
Soon Ok Yang, Geum Hee Jeong, Young Ran Han
Child Health Nurs Res. 2001;7(1):5-20.
Change of the Sexual Knowledge and Sexual Attitude of the Primary School Children through Sexual Education Program.
Shin Jeong Kim, Soon Ok Yang, Geum Hee Jeong
Child Health Nurs Res. 2000;6(3):316-328.
Direction in Health Education of smoking Prevention for Elementary School Children.
Jung Soon Moon, Soo Yang, Ho Rahn Park, Eun Suk Lee
Child Health Nurs Res. 2000;6(3):305-315.
Family coping of family who has a hospitalized child.
Young Ran Tak, Ji Young Yoe, Young Yee Park
Child Health Nurs Res. 2000;6(2):240-248.
A survey on the nonpharmacologic nursing intervention for children in pain.
Hea Bong Yoon, Kyoul Ja Cho
Child Health Nurs Res. 2000;6(2):144-157.
Correlations of Infant Temperament, Mother-Infant Interaction, and Child-rearing Environment.
Kyung Ja Han, Kyung Sook Bang
Child Health Nurs Res. 2000;6(2):132-143.
The Metaanalysis of Trends and Contents of Child Nursing Intervention Research.
Eun Ju Kim, Kyung Mi Cho
Child Health Nurs Res. 2000;6(2):119-131.
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